What Is ‘Connection Marketing’?

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What you can do now to thrive in the new economy…

If this has caught your attention it’s because we’re discussing Connection Marketing.

What is Connection Marketing?

In this article, I’ll go into an overview of what Connection Marketing is, and what you can do NOW to thrive in these new economic times.

Connection Marketing: What is it?


My definition of ‘marketing’ is the communication between a business and a consumer. A ‘consumer’ is a potential customer; also know as a prospect. Any type of communication between the business and the consumer – whether it be through a video, through an ad, through a brochure – is what I consider ‘marketing’.


‘Connection’ means that the exchanges that take place, between business and consumer, do so in a friendly and humane manner. The interaction is from one person to another; NOT from a corporation trying to jam something down your throat.

A quick back story

The industrial economy brought us the television. The T.V. allowed us to market our products and services to the masses. In order to reach the general population, companies needed to create average products and services.

This is in the traditional marketing sense. It’s the traditional way of doing things.

Back then, we used to buy things that we NEEDED. As long as a company created a product that filled a NEED, they’d be able to advertise it – traditionally – and make money. But what happened is they started making bland and regular products so they could sell as many as possible to the masses.

The internet has changed everything. It has made it possible to reach the most unique groups of people. The mass market has been dissolved – we no longer buy what we NEED, we buy what we WANT. And that means that businesses can now thrive by creating unique products, to unique segments of the population. This is where connection marketing comes in.

Since people buy what they WANT (they already have everything they NEED), we should ask ourselves what that is. We don’t need to create something super bland and uniform, and we don’t have to worry about selling a bazillion units to average people. All of a sudden you can make niche products; very unique products, to niche crowds.

Quick Recap:

For the past 100 years here’s how I’ve seen the promotion of a product or service – the ‘marketing’. For the past 100 years, it’s been:

Annoying: You ever watch a T.V. show, and every commercial timeout you see runs the same ad? Whether it be for Pizza Pops or Cadillac cars, they are very annoying and repetitive.

Repetitive: They hope it burns into your brain, so that when you see it, you feel compelled to purchase it.

Interruptive: When you’re looking for information you visit a blog. Within the first second you’re bombarded by pop-ups, asking for your e-mail address so they can send you something great. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for that, but give me a chance to read the headline!

Exaggerative: The best example I can use for this is when you go to a fast food restaurant. How good does that burger look when it’s up on the billboard, or on posters? Of course when you get it, it looks NOTHING like advertised…

Here’s how I see the next 100 years of promotion for a product or service – or the next 100 years of ‘marketing’:

Relevant: Because we’re selling unique products to unique people, all of a sudden we don’t have to advertise our stuff absolutely everywhere. Only those people who have shown an interest or may have looked at something like this in the past, will see our ads or marketing, therefore making it relevant to them.

Subtle: Imagine if you’re someone who loves books, but everywhere you look you see ads for sneakers… That not very subtle, and you’d notice that right away since it’s not very appealing to you.

Anticipated: This is especially true when it comes to e-mail correspondence. Most companies now collect e-mails (which is understandable). The problem is that you get the same 6 e-mails a day, containing promotion notices, sales, and early-bird specials whether you want them or not. Because these messages are not anticipated, it is the MAJOR factor that makes a person decide to ‘opt-out’. In the future, these anticipated messages (also being relevant) will see much better open rates. Also, a person only gets the information they agree to receive.

Honest: This may sound trivial, but a very important example is pricing an item at 49.99$. “Who are you kidding?” “Call it like it is!” You’ll never see two people at a party with the following exchange: “Nice shoes… how much did you pay?” “I paid 49.99$” Your marketing message should be from one person to another.

The good news is that it’s all looking up from here! Taking a look at the past 100 years and the next 100 years, you can see that it’s looking good.

The world is a different place… People want to connect.

That means:

NO MORE bureaucracy

NO MORE ridiculous policies

NO MORE exploitation from greedy corporations

Decisions based on ROI are the ways of old – No more greedy fat-cats, wearing suits, drinking scotch and smoking big cigars making decisions based on how much money they can squeeze from people.

Connection Marketing encourages better values; such as honesty and integrity.

We don’t have to engineer bland products to serve average people, nor should we cater to a general public anymore.


I truly believe that we can be successful when we follow this etiquette.

Transitioning to Connection Marketing

You’re probably wondering: “How can I make the transition to connection marketing?… Will it work?”

Well, most aspects of connection marketing are very similar to those of traditional marketing…

You still have things like an online store or website, you still use landing pages to collect e-mails, you still offer products and services, and of course, you’re still making a profit!

You’re still in business; you still provide value for people and for that you get paid handsomely.

It’s the METHOD by which you carry yourself that’s different.

It’s the look, the feel, the layout of the online store… It’s the look, the feel, the offer of the landing page… It’s what you do with those e-mails… It’s the product or the service that you’re offering that’s different.

The 3 Pillars to Connection Marketing

CABBIT – An aspect of your offering is remarkable and worth talking about.

If you were driving down a country road and saw a cow in the field, you probably wouldn’t look twice. But imagine it was a PURPLE cow! (referencing Seth Godin’s incredible book titled Purple Cow)

You’d most likely stop, take pictures, upload them to social media, and call your friends and family to explain what you saw. That’s because a purple cow is remarkable and worth talking about. Whether your product already has a Cabbit, or whether it needs one, it’s something you want to lead-off with. What truly separates you from your competition?

CONNECTION – Opening the channel of communication with your prospects – creating a two-way dialogue.

This pertains to the e-mail sequences mostly. Rather than bombarding people with unrelated, unanticipated messages, you’re creating an open dialogue with consumers. Imagine that you want to upgrade, update, or create a new product. Now imagine being able to ask your fans what they like/dislike about the current version. No more guesswork! Plus, a person might be more inclined to purchase your new product knowing they had a say in its creation. Powerful, and not to be taken advantage of… It’s free research!

CONTRIBUTION – With our newfound success, we’re able to support worthwhile causes.

I believe we all have a need to contribute – amongst others. We all want to help others. We want to do great things together. What if you build contribution into your ticket price? What if you took a portion of profits from every sale and donated it to a certain charity. Some people would like to do business with you merely because they’d be helping others. You’re not JUST doing it as a clever ploy to sell more stuff, but you WANT to do it because you’re helping others – and it’s good KARMA.

I realize just may still have a few questions…

How do I know this really works?

Let me ask you this:

Are you tired of the way you’re being marketed to by other companies?

Are you tired of receiving irrelevant and unanticipated e-mails from companies?

Are you tired of being misled by fine-print and exaggerated claims?

These are traditional methods of marketing.

If you’re fed up, chances are that lots of others are too.

How do I know if this is a good investment?

The fact of the matter is that traditional marketing methods are working less and less – companies find themselves spending more advertising money than ever, to have the same effect they may have had in the past.

On a daily basis, we’re bombarded by 3000-7000 ads. We’ve grown so accustomed to them, we tune them out. Large corporations then resort to ‘ramping it up’. “We’ll just be louder than ever!” (Just look at how we now get ads in our inbox).

I believe it’s possible to reach MORE, while spending LESS. The key is Connection Marketing.

What I’m suggesting is that we stop marketing to EVERYONE though repetitive, average marketing and we instead start CONNECTING to unique markets – offering truly remarkable options.

Affiliate Marketing Program

The advertisers and merchants are normally referred To as connect merchants, and publishers or sales Public are renowned as affiliates.

The many repayment of connect marketing include The the makings pro making lots of money. You can Automate a ration of the advertising process and Receive payment single pro desired results, which Includes sales, registrations, and clicks.

Even though generally merchants will take upon yourself approximately level Of expose with fraud, here is still a level of expose Involved. Once you know could you repeat that? You’re responsibility with Connect marketing, you’ll be on top well previous to You know it.

Affiliate marketing has been a contributor to the Increase of many companies online, counting Amazon.Com. Amazon.Com was lone of the initially adopters of connect Marketing, and currently has thousands of connect Relationships.

When it comes to making money, connect marketing Is in a league of it’s own. You don’t be inflicted with to Agonize in this area bosses breathing down your narrow part, and You are in control of everything you sort out with
Your company and your website.

Affiliate marketing furthermore gives you the opportunity to Stomach behind products you know and love, be Offering associations and banners to them on your private Website. You’ll receive money pro all manufactured goods
Purchased with the intention of you speak for, which is wits Sufficient to participate.

If you’ve been looking pro superfluous money, connect Marketing is the way to energy. You can stick with Lone commercial or energy with as many as you need pro Your affair. Affiliate marketing on the internet Is really apt more and more standard – making Currently the calculate pro you to make your bottom in the Entrance.

Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Looking for unique marketing ideas for small business?

Small businesses have a higher failure rate than any other – it is a tough gig!

The economy isn’t helping right now, people are reluctant to spend, they’re saving their money and the future is uncertain, so that’s not going to change in the near future.

Marketing Ideas for Small Business – The Latest Competition
One of the biggest competitors to small business are the giants, the bigger companies, like Myer, Bunnings, Woolworths, whatever the big guys are in your chosen industry.

They still are a big threat to smaller businesses because of their huge buying power, large product ranges, price competitiveness and advertising budgets, however there is another competitor – consumer confidence.

The best defense is always offense, so consider these marketing ideas for small business, select which appeals to you most and get on with it. Take action and go for it!!

I can give you an example that I see almost weekly – our local Milk Bars are closing down – why? Because why would you go to a local Milk Bar / Corner Store when the big supermarket chain store is open 24/7 at a much cheaper price and with a larger range. The local store can’t complete UNLESS they find a point of difference – they need to find a way to survive – something that brings their customers back to them.

Marketing Ideas for Small Business – Brick and Mortar
If you are a brick and mortar business (and by that I mean a “physical” business, not just online) and you have a similar product range to one of those “giants” then you have a massive task at hand.

As I said with the Milk Bars – you need to become unique – be the “goto” person for your product – become an expert, offer the best customer service. Then you just need to spread the word – become famous!

My local newsagent was managed by a VERY disorganized owner and it was a very unpleasant place to shop, so I would go out of my way to go to another shop to buy my newspaper, just for a less frustrating experience!! My local newsagent has now been taken over by a new owner and I have to tell you it is a completely different shop and they have definitely won me back as a customer – simply by having the shop organized, shelves neatly stacked without boxes of product all over the place. I knew the previous owner for 15 years and he never knew my name, the new owner knows me already in a very short time and it makes you feel like a valuable customer when you get a “G’day Karen” when I walk in the door!

So what can you do to make your business stand out from the crowd? Find out what your competitors are doing, what do their customers like about it, is there anything that could be improved. Don’t be afraid to ask people what they think of your competitors service – you’ll be amazed at what you can learn.

Use this knowledge to your advantage. Lift your game, make your service outstanding, offer some “value-added” products in your range, introduce a reward system.

Another great idea is to get your business online. It is amazing how many small businesses don’t even have a basic website. People shop differently now, even if you are a local business.

Think about your last purchase, did you scour the phone book or get onto Google? Chances are you used your computer, iPhone, iPad to search what you wanted.

Make use of free marketing – Google maps, Facebook Fan Page, Business Directories. A website is a must and can be created very cheaply. You need to make it easy for your customers to find you BUT it’s also important that they can find you the next time. Start building an email list so that you can interact with them, send them special offers as a thank for for staying connected.

Marketing Ideas for Small Business – Getting on the Internet
Many small business owners are completely overwhelmed by the idea of getting their business online, that it will cost them a lot of money,. This couldn’t be further from the truth – you can have a website or blog setup for just a few hundred dollars. You can also create a Facebook Fan Page, Twitter account and other social media platforms to promote your business.

As a minimum a small local business should have a basic website describing what the business is about, what you offer, what makes you different, a map / directions so that people can easily find you, opening hours, contact numbers and an email address. You can always expand on this with more detailed product listing, prices, bookings etc. You can also advertise affiliate products or use Google AdWords to earn some additional income.

Make sure you have a form where visitors to your site can leave their details to join your mailing list. Keep them interested by sending out regular newsletters and special offers.

Marketing Ideas for Small Business – the Internet Business
Businesses that are internet-based have a harder job at hand. Your website becomes a much bigger part of your business. Almost everything mentioned above applies to your business also but you need to employ much more technical and marketing tactics to promote your business. It is even more important here for your website to truly show who you are and what you offer.

To promote your site you need to be active in social media, forums, networks and have regular quality content on your site. Provide value to your readers, give them the answers they need to solve their problems. You will find your following, find your market if you have a quality site and use the right marketing.

Karen Glover is a wife, mother and businesswoman who is passionate about family, life and business! She is always quick to help others succeed and with a background in training, is able to teach others how to find success with their own home based business.

The Wealth Nest is all about creating wealth for yourself and your family. There are many ways to increase your wealth and Karen has many different ways to do this, depending on what you are looking for.

Karen lives in Melbourne, Australia, is married with two daughters, has a Boxer called Daisy, loves reading, good food and wine, travel, friends and family. Her family love surfing and love spending time at the beach.